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KBiffImap Class Reference

#include <kbiffmonitor.h>

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Detailed Description

For internal use only.

Definition at line 101 of file kbiffmonitor.h.

Public Member Functions

bool active ()
bool authenticate (int *pseq, const QString &user, const QString &pass)
 Encapsulates all authentication to the IMAP server.
void close ()
bool command (const QString &line, unsigned int seq)
bool connectSocket (const QString &host, unsigned short int port)
bool isAsync ()
QString mungeUserPass (const QString &old_user)
int numberOfMessages ()
int numberOfNewMessages ()
void resetNumbers ()
void setAsync (bool on)

Protected Member Functions

QString readLine ()
int writeLine (const QString &line)

Protected Attributes

bool async
bool auth_cram_md5
 does the IMAP server support AUTH=CRAM-MD5 ?
QString banner
QString chall_cram_md5
 the CRAM-MD5 challenge (base64 decoded) as issued by the server
int messages
int newMessages
int socketFD
fd_set socketFDS
struct timeval socketTO

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