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KBiffMonitor Class Reference

#include <kbiffmonitor.h>

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Detailed Description

A "biff" class that monitors local and remote mailboxes.

A "biff"-like class that can monitor local and remote mailboxes for new mail. KBiffMonitor currently supports eight protocols.

A typical usage would look like so:

    KBiffMonitor mon;

    connect(&mon, SIGNAL(signal_newMail()), this, SLOT(processNewMail()));
    connect(&mon, SIGNAL(signal_oldMail()), this, SLOT(processOldMail()));
    connect(&mon, SIGNAL(signal_noMail()), this, SLOT(processNoMail()));
    connect(&mon, SIGNAL(signal_noConn()), this, SLOT(processNoConn()));

Kurt Granroth <granroth@kde.org>
kbiffmonitor.h,v 1.9 2005/06/02 03:24:13 gran Exp

Definition at line 258 of file kbiffmonitor.h.

Public Slots

void checkMailNow ()
void setMailbox (const QString &url)
void setMailbox (KBiffURL &url)
void setMailboxIsRead ()
void setMailboxKey (const QString &k)
void setPassword (const QString &password)
void setPollInterval (const int interval)
void start ()
void stop ()


void signal_checkMail ()
void signal_currentStatus (const int, const QString &, const KBiffMailState)
void signal_fetchMail (const QString &fetchClient)
void signal_invalidLogin (const QString &mailbox)
void signal_newMail (const int num_new, const QString &mailbox)
void signal_newMail ()
void signal_noConn (const QString &mailbox)
void signal_noConn ()
void signal_noMail (const QString &mailbox)
void signal_noMail ()
void signal_oldMail (const QString &mailbox)
void signal_oldMail ()

Public Member Functions

int curMessages ()
const QString getMailbox () const
const QString getMailboxKey () const
KBiffMailState getMailState () const
const QString getProtocol () const
bool isRunning ()
 KBiffMonitor ()
int newMessages ()
void readConfig ()
void saveConfig ()
virtual ~KBiffMonitor ()

Protected Slots

void checkImap ()
void checkLocal ()
void checkMaildir ()
void checkMbox ()
void checkMHdir ()
void checkNntp ()
void checkPop ()

Protected Member Functions

void determineState (KBiffMailState state)
void determineState (KBiffUidlList uidl_list)
void determineState (unsigned int size)
void determineState (unsigned int size, const QDateTime &last_read, const QDateTime &last_modified)
void invalidLogin ()
int mboxMessages ()
void onStateChanged ()
void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *)

Private Attributes

bool b_new_lastModified
bool b_new_lastRead
bool b_new_lastSize
bool b_new_uidlList
int curCount
QString fetchCommand
bool firstRun
bool keepalive
QString key
QDateTime lastModified
QDateTime lastRead
unsigned int lastSize
QString mailbox
KBiffMailState mailState
QDateTime new_lastModified
QDateTime new_lastRead
unsigned int new_lastSize
KBiffUidlList new_uidlList
int newCount
int oldCount
int oldTimer
QString password
int poll
unsigned short int port
bool preauth
QString protocol
QString server
QString simpleURL
bool started
KBiffUidlList uidlList
QString user

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