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KBiffPop Class Reference

#include <kbiffmonitor.h>

Inheritance diagram for KBiffPop:

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Detailed Description

For internal use only.

Definition at line 147 of file kbiffmonitor.h.

Public Member Functions

bool active ()
bool authenticate (const QString &user, const QString &pass)
 Encapsulates all authentication to the POP3 server.
void close ()
bool command (const QString &line)
bool connectSocket (const QString &host, unsigned short int port)
KBiffUidlList getUidlList () const
bool isAsync ()
int numberOfMessages ()
int numberOfNewMessages ()
bool parseBanner (void)
void setAsync (bool on)

Protected Member Functions

QString readLine ()
int writeLine (const QString &line)

Protected Attributes

bool async
bool auth_apop
 does the server support APOP authentication ?
bool auth_cram_md5
 does the server support CRAM-MD5 authentication ?
QString banner
QCString chall_apop
 the APOP challenge from the server
QString chall_cram_md5
 the CRAM-MD5 challenge (base64 decoded)
int messages
int newMessages
int socketFD
fd_set socketFDS
struct timeval socketTO
KBiffUidlList uidlList

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